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The 4 Graveyards


Photo taken by: Keith Chan


In Bazi, there are 4 animal signs are categorized as the Graveyards.

The 4 Graveyards animal signs are: -
辰 Chen Dragon
未 Wei Goat
戌 Xu Dog
丑Chou Ox

Why are they called “Graveyards”?

These are the 4 “houses” that burying 1 of the “tenant”. It is because the Earth element in it can buries things – just like coffin.

The Earth element in these 4 graveyards will also contains storage of the previous season. Thus, there will be 1 tomb and 1 storage in the Earth element.

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Bing Fire 丙火 – Yang Polarity

Image of Bing Fire by Man Krub

Photo taken by: Man Krub


Bing Fire 丙火 – Yang Polarity

Pictorially, Bing Fire represents Sun. They are generous and passionate. Bing Fire is the ‘never give up’ type. Albert Einstein is Bing Fire DM. Because of his ‘never give up’ principle, he is very successful in invention. So to say that Bing Fire DM is suitable to work with invention and Research & Development field. ‘Never give up’ can means they are very consistent, persistent and routine. Bing Fire DM likes routine jobs but will easily get bored after few years. In pictorially, sunrise and sunset routinely every day. Bing Fire DM is independent as they are the Sun which does not needs much support from other element. They are responsible employee also but it don’t last long as they will get bored easily. If you have a Bing Fire DM staff, it is advisable to assign them different task force and constantly change their job scope as well as giving new challenges to them. 9 out of 10 Bing Fire DM is successful in their life. Sun is most vibrant at 7am-9am. So, Bing Fire DM that born at Chen Dragon hour (7am-9am) will be successful in their life. Bing Fire DM that born at You Rooster hour (5pm-7pm) which is after sunset, the Bing Fire DM is constantly looking for the way out. It is like when the time they succeed it is time of dawn. You can identify the Bing Fire DM appearance to roughly know their time of birth. Those who are born in day time usually has a broader shoulder. Those who are born in night time their shoulder is not broad. Bing Fire DM that are born during sunset time will need the ocean to outshine their bright. You can see how nice is the sunset outshine by the sea. Therefore, Bing Fire DM needs Ren Water. If you see a Bing Fire DM has a Ren Water in the chart, this person will be successful in life. In terms of position, Bing Fire DM cannot be at the highest post because once it reaches the maximum it is time to sunset. Bing Fire DM is best at second position. Bing Fire element is important to us. Bing Fire in a chart represents happiness. So, look at your BaZi chart if you have Bing Fire in it. Bing Fire DM is also as filial as the Ding Fire DM but they are not there to hold your hand type. For instance, a mother has a Ding Fire and Bing Fire sons and wanted to go for medical checkup. The Bing Fire DM will make the payment whereas the Ding Fire DM will accompany the mother to go for medical checkup. (14)

Yi Wood 乙木 – Yin Polarity

Yi Wood
Photo taken by: actuallyleemun
Yi Wood 乙木 – Yin Polarity
Pictorially, Yi Wood represents flowers. Flower is beautiful and attractive. They are almost the opposite of the Jia Wood characteristic. Yi Wood is gentle and fickle. I always imagine Yi Wood as Money Plant.Parasites stay on top of a tree to get sunshine. This denotes Yi Wood always must make use of Jia Wood and also means they need siblings. If a Yi Wood DM has siblings, the Yi Wood is generally considered as good in life. If a Yi Wood does not has siblings, they need to find a person that can let them make use for whole life. Usually, this person is their spouse.Yi Wood is the only element that can make use of people successfully and efficiently. They do nothing but they are good in giving command. Yi Wood is very good politician.They are fickle-minded. They will bend to the direction wherever the wind blows. They cannot make up their mind and easily changed. They will commit but with terms and conditions. It is advisable to follow-up with written format after Yi Wood has confirmed and agreed to your idea.Yi Wood is not loyalty. If there is fire drill, you will see Yi Wood DM is the first to run away.

Last week I saw the money plant at my corridor started to wither as I did not take my responsibility to take care of it until I decided to write about Yi Wood characteristic. I ‘rescue’ the money plant by putting it inside the house and it is now back to good condition. From this experience, it tells that a Yi Wood is the survivalist in nature. They are easily wither if they unable to find dependent. But once they found, they will be successful.

Also money plant is fast to grow and branching out. The roots can easily stand on anything that it grabs. It denotes Yi Wood is good in business development and leveraging.

Yi Wood lady usually make use of man. Man is advisable to make extra careful to Yi Wood lady. But usually a Geng Metal DM is hard to stay away from it because Geng combines with Yi. Eventually the Yi Wood becomes Metal and fight with the Geng husband.

If you are Jia Wood DM, your friend will more or less inclined to a Yi Wood characteristics without looking at their DM at the first place. So, if you are a Jia Wood, sorry to say that your friends are usually make use of you.

If you are Yi Wood DM, you always make use of your friend as their characteristics will inclined to a Jia Wood characteristics without looking at their DM at the first place. This is very true. Not only apply to the Jia and Yi Wood but to all other elements as well.

Yi Wood DM is also good in obtaining information. In pictorial, it is a plant absorbing water where Water represents information, thoughts, and knowledge.

A plant needs water, Sun, and soil to grow. Hence, Yi Wood needs Gui Water, Bing Fire and Ji Earth. Yi Wood afraid to see Xin Metal. Imagine a pair of scissors cutting the money plant. However, Geng Metal will combine with Yi Wood and form into Metal. Yi Wood is said to be losing itself and becomes Metal.