Month of Sep 2014 (with QMDJ)

Here is the 12-Day Officer with the Stars indicating the auspicious level (the more the better) and the one with Flag is the most auspicious date that recommended by FFF admin. Besides this, we have also added the QMDJ reference using 超神,接氣,置潤法 Zhi Run Fa and 拆補法 Chai Bu Fa method. This will help you to identify the Yin # faster without going through the hassle of flipping through the Tong Shu.

Below is the QMDJ reference using 置潤法 Zhi Run Fa method.

Calendar 201409 QMDJ


Below is the QMDJ reference using 拆補法 Chai Bu Fa method.

Calendar 201409 QMDJ CBF (91)

Feeling Lucky on Xiaomi online Buy

Xiaomi has launched their series of products since end of May 2014 in our country (Malaysia). The first devices that hit into our market was the xiaomi Mi3. Xiaomi marketing through social networking site, such as facebook. The selling strategy are only through online selling. The fun part was it is only on sales once a week, which mean whoever that are interest to purchase the Mi3 you have to wait till to the sales date and time, get ready and be the first or faster to buy it online from Xiaomi website.

Initially, buyer was thinking why we need to wait once a week and that also depend on our clicking and internet speed. If we are slow by few seconds you will not be able to purchase anything, it will be sold out. This marketing strategy has created some fun to buyer at least for me.

In my first attempt to purchase a Mi3 in early June, of cause I was failed to purchase anything from the site. Even I’ve follow all the instruction and reading all the experience sharing buy other buyer through Xiaomi Facebook, unfortunately I am still fail. The following week before I prepare for the online buy, I’d make a wish using QiMenDunJia. I tap into the Fu direction, and wish I must get Mi3 today. When time for buying, I am also sitting at the Fu direction and start my buying process.

That it, with this wishing method I managed to buy anything that I wish every week without failed. And I am actually enjoy the fun of rush and click and pay.

Should you interested to know more information of this QiMenDunJia wishing method, please leave a comment.



Decoding dreams the easy Yijing 易经way

Dreams and Chinese Metaphysics 玄学have only one common trait – mystique.   Or so it is, at least to the eyes of the general public who are untrained in Chinese Metaphysics.  In actual fact, Chinese Metaphysics are not made of supernatural stuff but really an observation, compilation and application knowhow.


Dreams are however, conjured up in mostly bizarre settings although sometimes it is actually a harbinger of things to come.  Recently someone I know personally was so bothered by her dream and asked for me to decipher what the dream means.  The dream started with her imagining her second toddler son crying and she woke up in anxiety, her subconscious mind driving her to quickly attend to her son.  At the very moment her eyes opened the clock with a time of 4:44am appearing right in front of her.  This is the crystal clear image she could relate to me to help decrypt the dream.  Thereafter, she hurriedly attend to her second son but found him still sound asleep.


Being the usual nervous-wreck she is, she was worried the dream heralds negativities on her upcoming leisure trip abroad.  As such she could not resist asking for my help to decipher the portents of her dream.



Using the time she recalled, I derived a YiJing 易经Oracle Hexagram called Tremor is Thunder震为雷.  This hexagram usually signifies abrupt and explosive movement usually associated with natural or meterological phenomenon, work place shake-ups or sporting event proceedings.  As with most  divination seekers, her subsequent question would naturally be asking which one would the dream specifically be alluding to and whether the event would befall her.  She would be ready to cancel her trip if the omen is bad and refers to her imminent trip.


Well, one of the clearest sign that nothing untoward would befall her and her children is that when she rushed towards her second son, he was sound asleep!  This indicates that it is a false alarm.  So whichever phenomenon the hexagram is alluding to, it would not hurt her but at the very most give her a scare.  Still, any divination seeker would expect me to give an answer as to who will be affected at this juncture to see the end of the discussion.  The answer can actually be found if we consider the composition of the hexagrams by breaking down into its component trigrams.  The Hexagram we gotten is actually comprised of 2 Zhen 震trigrams.  It actually means 2 similar types of persons and where Zhen is concerned, it usually signifies a junior manager in a work place or a young but grown up man.  But because we are seeing double Zhen (if indeed double young man) and a false alarm, the latter is ruled out because the divination seeker is a lady.


So I had to seek confirmation with the lady what is her designation at her workplace.  She confirmed that she is an Assistant Manager.  Add this to the image of the baby boy, one of which is the image of colleagues, the Oracle seems to be pointing to something happening at her workplace.  If it gave her a false alarm, that means someone at same Assistant Manager level is most likely to receive the short end of the draw.  The discussion ended here, as she went away feeling relieved.


The next day, I receive another call from her.  She again woke up in the middle of the night and distinctly remembered seeing 3:33am and asked me what it signifies?  I derived the Hexagram Fire Sky bumper possession 火天大有and told her most likely it means quite decent sum of money involved.  As it does not bode negatively for her, she did not pursue the divination further.


One week later, while she is on her holiday, she sent a frantic text message saying she received news from a colleague that there was a manager at their workplace being retrenched by the company and they did not announce which manager it is.  She is thus worried sick if she is the one as her department has only 2 managers.  I reminded her about my analysis that it is a false alarm for her and not to get unduly perturbed, enjoy her holiday and find out the very moment she goes back to office.



Another 2 days later when she is back to office, it is confirmed that the person retrenched was also a same level lady manager.  It was indeed a false alarm for my friend.  I proceeded to ask how is the retrenched lady taking it and if she’s receiving any retrenchment compensation.  It was great to hear that the retrenched lady is taking it well and the compensation is a very decent 4+2 months’ equivalent of her last drawn monthly pay.  This is indeed consistent with the “Fire Sky bumper possession” hexagram.  Can you readers figure out why?Untitled (164)