Using Teng She 騰蛇 (Snake) in Fa Qi Men 法奇門 – Story 2

11 Aug 2014 6pm Snake

Another experience that I would like to share wit you on how I use Teng She 騰蛇 (Snake) in Fa Qi Men 法奇門.

On 11 Aug 2014 at 5:55pm, it was raining cats and dogs. I was rushing to go home by train. Knowing that taking public transport will not be the same as those with own transport. Rainy day is always a problem to those who are using public transport.

With a lot of worries that I can’t reach home on time. Immediately I plotted a QMDJ chart and make a wish on Teng She 騰蛇 (Snake) by backing SE direction as shown in the chart above.

5 mins after that, the rain subsided.

Using Teng She 騰蛇 (Snake) to ask for rain to subside is effective. I reached home without a single drop of rain on me. (87)

Xin Metal 辛金 – Yin Polarity


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Pictorially, Xin Metal is diamond, knife, or fine jewelleries. It also represents sharp object, elegant, luxury, beauty and classy.

Xin Metal is naturally talkative. If they are not, they should learn to be one. Why? Because Xin Metal is diamond and it needs to be seen. To attract people, Xin Metal needs to be talkative.

Xin Metal is born beautiful especially Xin Hai and Xin Si. Bing Fire is a husband (DO) star to a Xin Metal. When a Bing Fire sees Xin Metal (Wealth star), it combines and become Water. There is a Chinese saying “见财化水”- Seeing Wealth and turns into Water. Chinese will refer this saying as someone seeing the opportunity or money yet unable to grab it due to some unforeseen reason. This saying is depicting a Bing Fire seeing its Wealth Star (Xin Metal) and turns into Water. Basically, the message of this saying is to tell a Bing Fire shouldn’t chasing for money. They should concentrate on their ambitions.

Xin Metal likes to be seen and show-off all the time. Especially Xin Hai that is seated on its HO star. Stealing the limelight huh… But too bad to marriage as the Bing Fire (DO) shouldn’t be focusing too much on chasing the Wealth Star.

Xin Metal is at best deploy to sales and marketing department. They can’t work laboriously as diamond can’t be forged. They are good to be displayed only. Thus, modelling, sales and marketing are best suited them.

I had a friend who was in mortgage sales and she told me that she achieved her sales target effortlessly. However, later on she joined an IT company to work as a Project Manager to run a banking application. Her boss responded that she was not a high performer among the rest. Reason being is, Xin Metal is a diamond, too much of forging will destroy the diamond.

In negative perspective, if Xin Metal is a model, they will go all the way out – to the extent of striping off. They are also well-known as “Shit Stirrer” – they stir up problems from small becomes big.

Xin Metal likes to see Water as diamond needs water to polish and make it bling bling! Uh huh… now you get the idea why some ladies like to wear bling bling? That’s the Xin effects. Xin Metal dislikes Ding Fire as diamond does not like to be forged. A Xin Metal adjacent to Ding Fire such as at the month stem or month branch, they will not be doing as good as Xin Hai.

Xin Metal is vindictive and vain. If you someone pissed them off, they will take revenge on you – cursing you, jeopardizing your reputation, poking your tyres, vandalizing your car, etc. So guys, when you want to date a Xin Metal, please think twice! You probably get trapped by their beauty and can’t get rid from them. (34)

Zi Wei Dou Shu for the Human Resources Practitioner


Recently I met up with an old friend, who is in the human resources industry. She was lamenting about the endless problems she has to resolve from the problematic employees in the company she is working in. It then reminded me of my good experiences so far from using the techniques of Chinese Face Reading and Chinese Astrology to select the people to work with or advising others on which candidate to employ or work with. I will encourage all bosses, business owners and Human Resources Practitioners to engage a consultant highly skilled in the field of Chinese Face Reading and Chinese Astrology (Zi Wei Dou Shu 紫微斗数 and Bazi 八字) whenever they are hiring people. The benefits will far outweigh the costs.

For the benefit of readers, I have also come up with a list of advocated Zi Wei Dou Shu (“ZWDS”) stars residing in each candidate’s Zi Wei Dou Shu Self Palace for the respective position as follows:

  • Sales personnel ought to have Ju Men 巨门 or Sun 太阳 in their ZWDS Self Palace 命宫 because Ju Men represents eloquence and Sun represents reaching out. It is bad to have Zi Wei 紫薇 star for sales personnel because Zi Wei is the Emperor and naturally awaits others to serve him and runs counter to the need for sales personnel to serve others.
  • Marketing Communication personnel ought to have the Sun, Wen Chang 文昌 or Wen Qu 文曲. The 2 latter stars represents talent in writing and would serve well the needs of a person in Marketing Communication because there is a lot of writing to be done.
  • Accounting personnel should preferably have Moon 太阴, Tian Ji 天机 or Tian Liang 天梁. The Moon is synonymous with wealth accumulation and would be most appropriate for accounting personnels. Tian Ji and Tian Liang are analytical and conservative and definitely a plus for the accounting profession that is often viewed as being conservative.
  • Banking and financial personnel ought to have Wu Qu 武曲 in their Self Palace.
  • Research and development personnel ought to have Ju Men, Tian Liang or Tian Ji.
  • Engineering and Operational personnel ought to have Wu Qu or Qi Sha 七杀 in the Self Palace.
  • Managing Directors and CEOs ought to have Zi Wei Hua Quan 紫薇化权, Wu Qu, Qi Sha, Tan Lang 贪狼, Sun or Tian Liang in their Self Palace.


The list provided is not exhaustive. If you need advice on other professions, please contact the author. (117)