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Strong or Weak Day Master (DM)?


I’ve seen many people were discussing about having strong or weak Bazi Day Master (DM) does matters. It is a debatable topic.

Here are some points (but not exhaustive) between Strong and Weak DM. Let’s distinguish a strong and weak DM.

A Strong DM will usually (but not always) consists of: –

– Strong RW/F
– Strong DR/IR
– Weak HO/EG
– Weak DO/7K
– Weak DW/IW

Advantageous of Weak DM

1) Strong RW can make a person very sociable and friendly. Strong F – can’t think of any good point.
2) Strong DR/IR means the person is lucky. Always there is helpful people around.
3) Weak HO/EG means the person is less showy.
4) Weak DO/7K can make the person more flexible in terms of setting rules.
5) Weak DW/IW – can’t think of any good point.

Disadvantageous of Strong DM

1) Strong RW/F like to bullshit, brag and boastful. Strong RW means the person is spendthrift. Strong F is selfish, anti-social and stubborn.
2) DO weak means weak to control a strong DM spending behavior. The person has no discipline and not systematic. Weak 7K is not brave enough to adventure new things.
3) HO/EG weak means the person is lacking in terms of output performance and facing problem of communication as he/she can’t express their feelings as well as lack of clarity in explanation. Lack of creativity.
4) Strong DR/IR can make a person become very lazy. Suspicion mindset. Over analytic thoughts. IR strong can be very impatient.
5) Weak DW/IW means money luck is weak and partnership will further rob away the wealth. DW weak is also means the person is lack of responsibility. Can’t manage things well.


A Weak DM will usually (but not always) consists of: –

– Weak RW/F
– Weak DR/IR
– Strong HO/EG
– Strong DO/7K
– Strong DW/IW

Advantageous of Weak DM

1) Weak RW/F can helps prevent spendthrift behavior. Favourite to business partnership
2) Weak DR/IR is favour to do own business just because the person is not lazy
3) Strong HO/EG means the person is creative, performing and articulate. Easily express their feelings.
4) Strong DO means good in discipline and systematic. Strong 7K can be aggressive and adventurous.
5) Strong DW/IW is something that everyone looking for. Hardworking. Responsible.

Disadvantageous of Weak DM

1) Weak RW/F can’t control wealth. Partnership can helps hold the wealth.
2) Weak DR/IR is lack of helpful people in life. Less lucky compared to strong DR/IR.
3) Strong HO/EG can be rebellious and eccentric. Throwing extreme tantrum.
4) Strong DO can be slow. They need to understand the instruction very well before they can execute the task. Strong 7K can be brave but stupid. Too much 7K can make the person a coward.
5) Strong DW/IW to a Male can means having many relationship in life. Too much wealth deteriorates health. It can be minimized by partnership to share your wealth and introduce RW/F into life. (142)

Baby Delivery Date Prediction

Due Date - QMDJ Chart

On 11 Aug 2014, my friend was getting so excited as her sister in US is going to deliver very soon. The due date given by doctor was 10 Aug 2014 but until 11 Aug 2014 (UTC +8) there is still no signal.

At that time, I immediately plotted a QMDJ Chart to check. The QMDJ Chart was plotted based on 11 Aug 2014 10:30am (UTC +8) as above. Looking into the 艮 Gen Palace, the Heaven Stem is 己 Ji Earth.

Due Date - Jia Zi Table

Then I refer to the 60 Jia Zi table. On 11 Aug 2014, it is 甲寅 Jia Yin day. Based on the same column of 甲寅 Jia Yin, look for 己 Ji Earth. Refer to above chart, we know that the same column of  己  Ji will be  己未  Ji Wei. Thus, by counting the sequence from 甲寅 Jia Yin day (11 Aug 2014) to 己未 Ji Wei day is 16 Aug 2014.

I told my friend that her sister will deliver on 16 Aug 2014, Saturday. She then said “Cannot be. Coz doctor already said the due date is 10 Aug and today is already 11 Aug. My sister is having contraction and now in hospital”.

I thought my prediction was inaccurate based on my friend’s explanation. On 12 Aug 2014, my friend told me that her sister has went back home to wait again. At that time, I told my friend that it is possible the baby will deliver on 16 Aug 2014.

On 16 Aug 2014, my friend told me that her sister is having contraction again and admitted. Waited until 17 Aug 2014, my friend announces that her sister has delivered on 16 Aug 2014 (US Time).

This has proven the power of QMDJ.

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