Month of May 2015


Xin Si month will kick starts at 06 May 2015 at 03:52am. Below are some brief forecast of each day master.

Jia / Yi Wood Day Master

Being a Yi Wood, you will demonstrate the evil side of you. However, you are still an angel in heart. Being a Jia Wood, you are the opposite of Yi Wood. You demonstrate an angel side of you but evil inside. 

To a Jia/Yi businessman, you will have a lot of customers coming to you. Both evils and angels customers. 

Bing / Ding Fire Day Master

To a Male, if you are single, there is a chance of getting to know someone. If you are married, focus on wealth better. Remember that in Bazi, the Wealth element represents Wife or Money. This Xin Si month of money luck can be seen immediately as well as in 3 months later. You may try make a small and quick investment this month and withdraw in August month.

Wu / Ji Earth Day Master

The Bing Fire in the Snake, majority of the Wu / Ji Earth are favorable to it. Thus, you will find there is a noblemen (helpful people) for you.

This month is also a productive month to you. Be smart when you deliver your tasks, your noblemen is watching on you.

You will learn new skill from this month. You may not realize it as it may not come in a form of training. It could be something that forcing you to do without knowing it and eventually you have picked up the skill. 

Geng / Xin Metal Day Master

This month is your spendthrift month. You have to be prepared of overspending. Advisable that your start planning on what you wanted to buy for long-time and still yet to buy. Then this month is the best month for you to go for it.

Ren / Gui Water Day Master

This month you will be super lazy. Try to take long leave and go for a vacation to relax. No point struggling at office and yet it is unproductive one. With the Bing Fire in Snake as your Wealth star, you will have workloads yet you feeling just to lazy to complete it. Let see how you can deal with it – taking leave or struggling at work.


Month of April 2015


Some quick forecasting for the Day Master in the month of April 2015…


This month you are aggressive on dealing with money. You may experience money loss in this month. It could be related to property loss. If you are running own business, you may experience a lot of customers that are demanding and hard to please but they brings you money.


This month you may expect a new boss in your company. If you are running own business, you may experience a lot of customers coming to you. Seize the opportunities.


You may have new staff reporting to you in this month. There is wealth luck in this month.  Remember that money don’t come to you in a form of bank notes, it can be in a form of opportunities. Also, it always package with stress. You may find this month is a busy month.


This is a month for you to perform. You should not talking too much as you may piss off your bosses. You may find this month is a busy month for you.


You may change job / change role / transfer / boss leaving / reporting to new boss. You may have new staff reporting to you too. 


Similar to Wu Earth, you may experience change role / boss leaving / etc. You may also have some new staff reporting to you. This month you may be over spending your money.


This month is a lazy month for you. Relax and leisure. For a female, you may be taking a break from work this month and spending time with your children. For a male, you are with your wife. There is also a sign of moving office / house.


This month is a spendthrift month to you. You will be spending money having leisure time with your girlfriend. To a single male, you may find a friend that may in turn become your girlfriend when you are having vacation together. There is also a sign of moving office / house.


This month is a leisure and relax month for you. Usually this can means you are going for a short break away from work. You will be doing something adventurous this month such as bungee jump, skiing, trekking, etc. You may also experience loss of staff in this month. A little bit of over spending as well. 


This is a relax and leisure month for you. It also means there are abundance of noblemen that are helping you in your business as a customers. You may experience some loss of staff.